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Question 1/10

He was in … heaven when the beautiful woman gave him a very warm smile.

Question 2/10

He didn't have any money to buy a new car so he bought one … hand.

Question 3/10

She can always predict what's going to happen in the stock market. She must have a … sense.

Question 4/10

John is on cloud … today because he has just had a promotion and a raise.

Question 5/10

When the police finally arrested the criminal, they gave him the … degree.

Question 6/10

I don't feel comfortable living with my sister and my brother-in-law. Two is company but … is a crowd.

Question 7/10

I don't have much to contribute to the committee. I feel like a … wheel.

Question 8/10

I won't believe the rumours about Susan until I hear what happened … hand.

Question 9/10

I don't know why she doesn't leave her husband. He is always … timing her.

Question 10/10

It's not that important. You're making a … out of a molehill.