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Question 1/10

…. I leave the meeting early? (permission)

Question 2/10

It's getting really cold in here. I … close the window. (intention)

Question 3/10

You … use three eggs for that recipe. (obligation)

Question 4/10

You … win more tournaments if you practiced more. (possibility)

Question 5/10

Teenagers … watch so much violence on television.

Question 6/10

I can sleep late tomorrow because I … go to work.

Question 7/10

They … move those boxes. They're far too heavy. (no ability)

Question 8/10

… you mind if I used your telephone? (request)

Question 9/10

His daughter … speak several languages at the age of four. (past ability)

Question 10/10

Charlotte said the plane was delayed. She … be late for the family reunion. (certainty)