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Question 1/10

The climb …. be really dangerous so please be careful.

Question 2/10

What are you doing here at this time? You ….. be at school.

Question 3/10

That guy ….. be John, because John's travelling abroad until the end of the summer.

Question 4/10

Look at those two girls over there! They look really alike. They … be sisters.

Question 5/10

Ants ….. be made to go away by sprinkling talcum powder near their nest.

Question 6/10

There are times when the children …. get very annoying.

Question 7/10

It's getting late. Julie ….. be here by now.

Question 8/10

Nobody ….. wear jeans to work. It's one of our company rules.

Question 9/10

You …… stroke animals while they are eating as it could be very dangerous.

Question 10/10

That's not typical of Peter. He just …… behave like that.