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Question 1/10

The weather was bad and the hotel was awful. They … enjoyed their holiday.

Question 2/10

I have just seen a bank robbery. You … been frightened.

Question 3/10

Why aren't they speaking to each other? They …. an argument.

Question 4/10

The team lost 5-0. They … played badly.

Question 5/10

She walked straight past me without saying hello. She … seen you.

Question 6/10

I failed my exam because I didn't study enough. I … studied more.

Question 7/10

They look very young. They … a son of twenty.

Question 8/10

If I had known it was your birthday, I … bought you a present.

Question 9/10

I tried phoning the office several times but there was no answer. They … been having lunch.

Question 10/10

I'm convinced that it wasn't his fault. It … been his fault.