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Phrasal verbs

Question 1/10

Being a commercial artist is very difficult because you always have to … new ideas.

Question 2/10

If you don't teach your children to … their things after they have finished playing with them, they won't learn to do it on their own.

Question 3/10

I couldn't cope with being a professional journalist because I couldn't … daily deadline pressure.

Question 4/10

The wedding was cancelled because the groom … drunk an hour late.

Question 5/10

John has asked for a raise three times and he has been … three times by his boss.

Question 6/10

Being very clumsy, he often hits his head when he … cars.

Question 7/10

The company has … all of its products that weren't profitable.

Question 8/10

Corruption is a big problem in countries where politicians and business leaders can … anything they wish.

Question 9/10

Sorry I wasn't able to make it home in time for dinner. I got … at the office.

Question 10/10

I usually try to … my children myself on a Friday afternoon after school, so that they don't have to go the nanny's.