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Adjectives/Nouns and Preposition Combinations

Question 1/10

Today we will cover several topics … to marketing, including advertising and market research.

Question 2/10

I didn't take any preventative action because I wasn't … of the problem.

Question 3/10

If you're not … to the heat it can be very difficult to do business in tropical countries.

Question 4/10

Our production manager is … about the rising prices of raw materials.

Question 5/10

If you are … in finding out more about our products I can send you a brochure.

Question 6/10

I'm not … with that model. What did you say it's name was?

Question 7/10

I was … about the stock market - instead of going up, it went down last week.

Question 8/10

There are several companies which are … of designing a product similar to ours.

Question 9/10

Tim really enjoys reading novels … on real life events.

Question 10/10

They showed their … for their teachers by giving them a thank you party.