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Relative pronouns

Question 1/10

Napoleon, ... was born in Corsica, became the emperor of France.

Question 2/10

The rainy season, ... begins in September, lasts for two months.

Question 3/10

French cooking, ... I love, is at its best in Lyon.

Question 4/10

The teacher ... I spoke to was born in Germany.

Question 5/10

The city... I love most is Lisbon.

Question 6/10

Tracey is the woman … husband I work with.

Question 7/10

San Francisco, ….has a lot of earthquakes, is in California.

Question 8/10

Jennifer, …now lives in Tokyo, was born in London.

Question 9/10

This is Henry, … wife works for my brother-in-law.

Question 10/10

I was watching the film ….was directed by Fellini.