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Travel 7

Question 1/10

Which country does NOT belong to Great Britain?

Question 2/10

According to English superstition, if you drop a mirror and it breaks, you'll have … years bad luck.

Question 3/10

When eating in England, you're not supposed to have your … on the table.

Question 4/10

Which sport is played at Wimbledon?

Question 5/10

The currency used in USA is the …

Question 6/10

Margaret Thatcher was nicknamed "The … lady".

Question 7/10

How many stars and stripes are there on the American flag?

Question 8/10

June 2nd 2012 is the official date to commemorate Queen Elisabeth II's …. jubilee.

Question 9/10

What is the name of the famous private American university located in Massachusetts?

Question 10/10

What are Britain's public houses more commonly called?