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Travel 2

Question 1/10

St. Tropez is a very famous summer … in the south of France with beautiful beaches and magnificent yachts.

Question 2/10

I don't want to stay in France this summer. I'd really like to go …

Question 3/10

Waiter. I think we're ready to … now please.

Question 4/10

Don't take your car into the centre of London. Go by train and use the …

Question 5/10

After Christmas, many people start to look in travel … to try to find a destination for their summer holiday.

Question 6/10

So you're having chicken for your main dish, are you? What about a … before?

Question 7/10

Good afternoon. Do you have a double room for 2 nights with a sea …?

Question 8/10

I'm not going in to the office tomorrow. I feel really …

Question 9/10

You must go to bed Paul. You look really …

Question 10/10

I'm desperate for something to eat. I'm really …