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Travel 3

Question 1/10

Shall I drive you home? No, it's ok. I live very … so I'll walk.

Question 2/10

Don't forget to book a table for tonight. We'll never get in without a ….

Question 3/10

I'll have to go … for a few minutes. I need a bit of fresh air.

Question 4/10

There is a lorry parked …. me, so I can't go forward.

Question 5/10

The bank is next to the library. The two buildings are …

Question 6/10

Have you got a lot of luggage? Not really, no. Just one large … with all my clothes.

Question 7/10

What time does the plane …? (=arrive)

Question 8/10

I can't move my car because it's … two other vehicles

Question 9/10

A … room is a room for 2 people in separate single beds.

Question 10/10

I'm really thirsty. Shall I … you a glass of water?