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Travel 8

Question 1/10

Which American president was shot in 1963?

Question 2/10

The Statue of Liberty is a sculpture on Liberty Island in ….. Harbour.

Question 3/10

In England, if you want to wish an actor "good luck" before a performance, you say "…"

Question 4/10

… is the capital city of Australia.

Question 5/10

What is the name of the famous river which flows through central London?

Question 6/10

The name of the official residence and office of the British monarch in London is ….

Question 7/10

Which river flows through the Grand Canyon?

Question 8/10

… is the capital city of Wales.

Question 9/10

According to English superstition, if a black cat crosses the street in front of you, you'll have …

Question 10/10

The Union Jack is the name given to the United Kingdom's ….