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Travel 10

Question 1/10

Which American president had the nickname of Honest Abe?

Question 2/10

Whose face is on an American five dollar bill?

Question 3/10

What is "crème anglaise" called in English?

Question 4/10

The game of "checkers" as called in the United States and Canada, is known by what name in England?

Question 5/10

What does the acronym "IBM" stand for?

Question 6/10

The Aboriginies are indigenous to ….

Question 7/10

Americans are sometimes nicknamed …

Question 8/10

… is the name of the large clock on the tower of the Houses of Parliament in London.

Question 9/10

… is the capital city of New Zealand.

Question 10/10

Julius Caesar, Macbeth and Hamlet are plays written by …