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Travel 5

Question 1/10

All museums have an admission … , but you can get a reduced rate with a student card.

Question 2/10

If you park your car there, you'll have to pay at the parking meter. The traffic … regularly checks on parked cars around here.

Question 3/10

The diverse … and warm climate of Kenya make it a very attractive and popular holiday destination.

Question 4/10

As London is so difficult to drive around, many people ... into the city from the suburbs by train.

Question 5/10

How much is the bus … into the city centre from here please?

Question 6/10

Most of the hotels in the city are full. Does the Hilton have a ...?

Question 7/10

Our friendly team can provide an extensive … of services to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

Question 8/10

When skiing, all the … are colour coded depending on how steep or bumpy they are. Green is the easiest and black is the hardest.

Question 9/10

The castle is situated in … grounds making it a very beautiful and tranquil place to visit with a lot of privacy.

Question 10/10

My office is modern and … which suits me fine as I hate being crammed into a small area.