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Travel 6

Question 1/10

The hotel complex is superb. There are so many ... to suit all ages and every type of guest.

Question 2/10

Susan is off work at the moment as she's suffering from … She feels really low and is lacking in spirit.

Question 3/10

I can definitely recommend the Manor House to stay in. It's a beautifully restored Victorian house, personally run by the …

Question 4/10

We didn't do much … when we were in New York as we had so many business meetings to get through.

Question 5/10

The view was magnificent out over the sea from the top of the ...

Question 6/10

Why don't we go to the beach this afternoon at low … so there will be plenty of sand to sit on?

Question 7/10

I usually find Indian food a little bit too … but that was really delicious.

Question 8/10

The … of my work is to delegate tasks to all the team members and oversee their carrying out.

Question 9/10

Where is all my …? It's already been taken up to your room, sir.

Question 10/10

I don't know what's wrong with me. I just feel so … all the time. (=very tired)