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…. used to be a negative word; now the term is synonymous with competence and dedication.

Question 2/10

In programming, … are often used so that threads of a program can share a resource.

Question 3/10

If used illicitly, spyware programs, browser hijackers and keyloggers, are all examples of ...

Question 4/10

Ice, …and liquid are related terms describing 3 approaches to controlling content placement on a Web page.

Question 5/10

A person who tinkers with hardware and programming to a point approaching obsession is more commonly known as a …

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A … is often used as an alternative solution to a problem until the problem is fixed.

Question 7/10

Users can verify a particular IP address using a ...

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Online backup is also known as … backup.

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… is a common type of software piracy in which a legally licensed software program is installed or copied in violation of its licensing agreement.

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User-generated … include keystrokes and mouse clicks.