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Theft, fraud, discrimination and harassment are examples of gross … which are legitimate reasons for dismissal.

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…is when an employee's job disappears and they are then moved into your job, thus making you redundant.

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Some firms choose to use a …when looking for a specific profile for an executive member of staff.

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… can sometimes be very substantial, and very much appreciated when a company has to impose a redundancy plan on its employees.

Question 5/10

In a …pay structure, the number of salary grades are consolidated into fewer, but wider, pay ranges with less overlap.

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…, overcapacity, relocation of branches and lack of need for a particular job are the main reasons for a company to make redundancies.

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An employee… can occur in both public and private sector organisations when revenue fails to match expenses, and time off work with no pay is mandatory.

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The formality of the workplace … is normally determined by the amount of interaction employees have with customers.

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The purpose of …is to help the new employee quickly absorb the organisation's cultural and social norms, and is conducted by an experienced employee.

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A precise description of what an organisation does and why it currently exists is called a …..