Recommander un ami

Les mots clés et expressions:

I know somebody who might be interested in this position

Definition : I have somebody in mind for this position ; I've got an idea of somebody for this job.

Translation : Je connais quelqu'un qui pourrait s'intéresser à ce poste

He's got the right profile

Definition : he'd be suitable for this job ; he'd be a strong match for this position.

Translation : Il travaille actuellement chez X comme… > He's currently working at X as… : he's presently employed by X as… ; at the moment, he's working for X as… Il a le bon profil

Put in a good word for somebody (to)

Definition : to say something in somebody's favour, to say something positive about somebody.

Translation : Glisser un mot en faveur de quelqu'un

Have you thought about approaching mr Duns

Definition : Have you considered tal king to Mr Duns ? Have you con templated approaching Mr Duns ?

Translation : Avez-vous pensé à parler à M. Duns ?

Make a suggestion (to)

Definition : to suggest something, to come forward with an idea.

Translation : Faire une proposition

By the way, are you still looking for a personal secretary ?

Definition : Has the position of personal secretary been filled yet ? Is the position still vacant ?

Translation : A propos, êtes-vous toujours à la recherche d'une assistante de direction ?

He's got extensive experience in this field

Definition : he knows this area of work very well ; he's worked in this field for a long time.

Translation : Il est très expérimenté dans ce domaine

He's very well known in the financial sector

Definition : he's got a good reputation in the financial field ; he's reputed in finance.

Translation : C'est un grand nom dans le monde de finance

I can per sonally recommend him for this position

Definition : I can vouch for his capacity to carry out this job ; I can confirm his ability to do this job.

Translation : Je le recommande personnellement pour ce poste

Get in contact (to)

Definition : to get in touch, to try to reach a person.

Translation : Se mettre en contact

Mention an outstanding acquaintance (to)

Definition : to talk about an exceptionnel person you know, to talk very positively and flatteringly about a friend.

Translation : Mentionner quelqu'un de remarquable parmi ses connaissances

Pull strings for a friend (to)

Definition : to promote a friend, to show special consideration to a friend, to be partial to.

Translation : Pistonner un ami

Give a tip (to)

Definition : to give a piece of advice, to offer a bit of helpful information.

Translation : Donner un conseil

I've got an interesting idea to put by you

Definition : I've got a suggestion for you ; perhaps an idea I have could interest you.

Translation : J'ai une idée intéressante pour vous

Praise him wholeheartedly (to)

Definition : to sing his praises.

Translation : Chanter ses louanges

You can trust him

Definition : you can count on him ; you can have confidence in him.

Translation : Vous pouvez compter sur lui

I really do endorse his application

Definition : I totally back up his application ; he has my complete approval.

Translation : J'appuie vraiment sa candidature

He's got the right background

Definition : he comes from a suitable background ; he's got the required training, skills and experience.

Translation : Il a une bonne formation / les bons antécédents

I've heard a lot about him

Definition : his name is quite well known ; he's talked about a lot.

Translation : J'ai beaucoup entendu parler de lui

I only know him by word of mouth

Definition : I don't know him personally, only via other people ; he's not in my personal network of friends.

Translation : Je ne le connais que par ouïe dire

Looking for new opportunities

Definition : searching for a fresh opening, wanting to go off in a new direction.

Translation : A la recherche de nouvelles opportunités

Les usages à respecter:

• In the UK, it is typical to have in one’s portfolio a character re ference written by a friend or a professional acquaintance, but not by a former employer, which states all the person’s attributes. This is an open reference without being addressed at any particular person, and always begins by «To whom it may concern».

• In the UK, loyalty to your present employer is essential and it is thus considered incorrect to recommend a current colleague to another employer as this conflicts with your allegiance to your present company 

Quelques règles de bon anglais:

To recommend

«To recommend» can be followed by different grammatical structures. 1) Recommend + subject + verb infinitive.

Example :

– I’d recommend you to go by train.

2) Recommend + verb (ing).

Example :

– I’d recommend taking a taxi. 3) Recommend + subject + preposition + noun.

Example :

– My colleague recommended me for the job. 4) Recommend + noun.

Example :

– I would recommend extreme caution. 5) Recommend + subject + verb.

Example :

– I recommend that you resign. N.B. : when recommend is used in the present simple or past, it states a pure fact or action ; when used with «would», then it is more suggestive, giving a personal opinion.

“To do” as an intensifier

The auxiliary “do” can be used as an intensifier when placed before a verb for emphasis : «I do endorse his application» is much stronger than «I endorse his application». «I do agree with you» is much stronger than «I agree with you». 


Fill in the missing word(s), then check the result below :

approaching, currently, trust, pull strings, to put by you, in a good word, position, suggestion ? ,be interested, the right profile,this field, back ground, in contact,new opportunities, wholeheartedly, endorse,looking for, give a tip, word of mouth

1. Hello Jerry. How are things going ? And, by the way, are you still ............ a personal secretary ? Perhaps I can help you.
2. I don’t usually try to ............ for a friend, but I think I could have just the person you need.
3. I’ve been thinking about your staffing problem. Have you thought about ............ Mr Coleridge ? He could be a possible candidate.
4. Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to meet him in person ; I only know him by .............
5. Mr Porter ? Excellent choice ! He really is worth his weight in gold. I praise him ............
6. He won’t let you down. You can ............ him. He’s very loyal and committed.
7. Without putting your own reputation on the line, you can sometimes put ............ for somebody at the right moment when having an informal chat with your boss.
8. We’ve known each other for over fifteen years now and I can personally recommend him for this .............
9. Are you still having difficulties in finding the right person ? May I make a........... ?
10. If I could possibly ..........? Don’t take too long to make your decision, because he’ll be snapped up by another company if you don’t act quickly !
11. Having thought over this matter, I realized I know someone who might............ in this position. Would you like her contact information ?
12. He’s not available immediately as he’s ........... working at Jones Industry as Financial Manager, so he’ll have to give notice.
13. He’s hard working, a go-getter, a good team member and very hands-on. He’s got ........... for this job.
14. He’s got extensive experience in .........., having worked for many years as a computer technician for Smyth Computer Industry.
15. With all his academic qualifications and previous experience, he’s got the right .......... to fill the vacant position in your company.
16.You’ll be able to get ........... with him via the Ministry of Finance. He’s very well known in the financial sector.
17. Hello Tom, I’ve got an interesting idea ........... about your recruitment problem if you’ve got a minute to spare.
18. I know he feels that he’s stagnating in his present job, and his wife told me that he was looking for..........
19. I know this candidate very well and he has my total support. I really do ........... his application


Solutions :  1 : looking for. 2 : pull strings. 3 : approaching. 4 : word of mouth. 5 : wholeheartedly. 6 : trust. 7 : in a good word. 8 : position. 9 : suggestion ? 10 : give a tip. 11 : be interested. 12 : currently. 13 : the right profile. 14 : this field. 15 : back ground. 16 : in contact. 17 : to put by you. 18 : new opportunities. 19 : endorse.

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