S'installer à l'étranger ?

Les mots clés et expressions:

Weigh up the pros and the cons before making a decision (to)

Definition : to think carefully before deciding.

Translation : Peser le pour et le contre avant de prendre une décision

Branch out (to)

Definition : to set up new offices in new areas.

Translation : Etendre ses activités

Seize an opportunity (to)

Definition : to grasp an opportunity.

Translation : Saisir une occasion

Taken over by another company (to be)

Definition : to buy out, to take control of.

Translation : Etre racheté pas une autre société

Be transferred to the head office abroad (to)

Definition : to move abroad to the company headquaters.

Translation : Etre muté à l'étranger, au siége social

Reach a deal (to)

Definition : to go through, to go ahead, to come to an agreement.

Translation : Conclure un marché

Become known in order to built up a good reputation (to)

Definition : to establish a good reputation.

Translation : Se faire connaitre pour construire sa réputation

I find the prospect of setting abroad really motivating

Definition : the idea of moving abroad is quite simulating.

Translation : L'idée de m'installer à l'étranger me stimule

What are their local customs/habits

Definition : What is it like there ?

Translation : Quelles sont leur coutumes ?

Are we entited to health insurance ?

Definition : Will we automaticaly be covered for medical expenses ?

Translation : Avons nous le droit à l'assurance maladie ?

Working conditions

Definition : the physical aspects of the job as well as rules, atmosphere, etc.

Translation : Les conditions de travail

Open minded, flexible

Definition : non judgemental and able to adapt to new situations and local culture.

Translation : Ouvert, adaptable

What are the terms and conditions for my posting abroad ?

Definition : What are the conditions or stipulations for my job overseas ?

Translation : Quelles sont les modalités de mon affection ?

Removal van (uk), moving truck (usa)

Definition : a vehicle which is used to move something to another location.

Translation : Camion de déménagement

We're moving to a foreign country

Definition : We are going to live abroad.

Translation : Nous allons déménager à l'étranger

Removal costs included in the contract (to be)

Definition : Are we expected to pay moving costs overselves ?

Translation : Les frais de déménagements sont-ils inclus dans le contrat ?

Cancel a rental contract (to)

Definition : To terminate a rental agreement, to end a lease.

Translation : Résilier un contrat de location

Temporary lodgings (uk), temporary housing (usa)

Definition : Short term accomodations.

Translation : Un logement temporaire

Have one's furniture shipped out (to)

Definition : to have your belongings sent by boat.

Translation : Faire venir les meubles par bateau

The firm's leasing a bid building for its activities

Definition : the company will lease a large office building.

Translation : La société va louer en leasing un grand bâtiment pour ses activités

Are you setting in ok ? (to a new situation, job, house)

Definition : Are you adpating well to your new situation ?

Translation : Est ce que vous êtes bien installés ?


Definition : daily allowance, daily rate, daily expenses for lodgings , meals, and incidental expenses.

Translation : Per diem

Accept / reject an offer (to)

Definition : to say yes or no to a proposal.

Translation : Accepter / refuser une proposition

Run through all the details before making a decision (to)

Definition : to recheck every factor before deciding.

Translation : Revoir les détails avant de décider

Credentials / identifying papers (uk), id (usa)

Definition : Official papers for living and working in a foreign country.

Translation : Visa, pièces d'identité

An expatriate

Definition : someone who no longer lives in his or her native country.

Translation : Un expatrié

Accept / reject an offer (to)

Definition : the returning of people or things to their home land.

Translation : Rapatriement / Repatriation 

Les usages à respecter:

• Most companies will do a SWOT analysis before deciding to set up a business abroad : S = Strengths, W for weakness, O = opportunities, T = Threats.

• When negotiating your position abroad, be sure to discuss who will pay for the work visa and who will do the paperwork.

• Verify local laws to see if your driver's licence will be valid in the country you will be in.

• There are expat clubs through out the worls, feel free to find one that is close to you to help you with the transition. 

Quelques règles de bon anglais:

Used to

• For something that happened regulary in the past but no longer happens.

Examples :

- Ben used to travel a lot in his job but now since his promotion, he doesn't.

- I used to drive to work but now I take the bus.

To be used to + noun or -ing

For something that is unusual, not familiar or strange (can be used for past present or future experiences).

Example :

- Pierre has lived in England for two years so he is used to driving on the left.

To get used to + noun or -ing

The process of someting becoming normal for us (can be used in past, present or future experiences).

Examples :

- I didn't understand the Australian accent when I first moved here but I quickly got used to it.

- I'll have to get used to working on saturdays. 


Fill in the missing word(s), then check the result below :

credentials/passport/identity card, temporary lodgings / get used, settle in, working conditions / weigh up, to give / notice, taken over, gone through / be transfered, removal van, shipped out / to rent, Per diem, health insurance, terms and conditions, accept/turn it down, repatriation clause, customs/habits, Sensitive/open-minded ?, build up a good reputation, lease / renting, Branching out.

1. The glass factory is ............ into northen Spain with the opening of four new offices
2. Our company has just been ............ by an American group, so all the empoyees have got to learn English as quickly as possible.
3. The deal has finally ............ to open ip a new factory in London, so I'm going to ............ there next year
4. The comanu is providing us with ............ on a short term basis which will give us time to ............ to our new way of life before having to look for something more pernanent.
5. If I can do anything to help you to ............ to your new job, then please let me know.
6. ............ can vary a lot between countries and you have to ............ all the factors before making a decision.
7. We must remenber ............ two months ............ for the flat otherwise We'll lose our deposit
8. The ............ is coming at 8.30 a.m, so we must have all then.
9. Our furniture won't be ............ to us for at least three months, so we'll have ............ a famished flat in the short term.
10. Does the firl provide fumished flat to cover any medical costs ?
11. Do you agree with all the ............ in your contract for your posting abroad ?
12. Did you finally ............ their offer to go abroad or did you ............ in the end ?
13. European Community members no longer need a work permit to settle in England. The only ............ legally required is a ............ or ............
14. Some firms attribute a ............ to expatriates to enable them to financially adapt to the new living and working conditions.
15. It's important to have a ............ in your contract so that you can return to your country of origin if necessary
16. Spanish people have local ............ and ............ that are very different to those of english people
17. It's important to be ............ and ............ to the local culture in order to gain the respect of the native population.
18. It won't be easy dealing with foreign customers, but we must besystematic an thorough as we nedd to ............ as quickly as possible.
19. The company as taken out a ............. on a buiding in the town centre and we're ............ a flat intil we find somewhere to buy


SOLUTIONS : 1 : Branching out, 2 : taken over, 3: gone through / be transfered, 4 : temporary lodgings / get used, 5 : settle in, 6 : working conditions / weigh up, 7 : to give / notice, 8 : removal van, 9 : shipped out / to rent, 10 : health insurance 11 : terms and conditions, 12 : accept/turn it down, 13 : credentials/passport/identity card, 14 : Per diem, 15 : repatriation clause, 16 : customs/habits. 17 : Sensitive/open-minded ?, 18 : build up a good reputation, 19 : lease / renting

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