Féliciter son équipe pour la motiver

Les mots clés et expressions:

To praise

Definition : to congratulate, to give a positive feedback, to compliment.

Translation : Féliciter

To be sincere

Definition : to mean what you say, to be meaningful, to be genuine.

Translation : Etre sincère

Thanks for coming up with that idea

Definition : thanks for suggesting that option, thanks for your suggestion.

Translation : Merci d’avoir proposé cette idée

Your efforts helped us to…

Definition : your contribution allowed us to…, what you did enabled us to…

Translation : Vos efforts nous ont aidés à…

I’m very impressed with the way you handled…

Definition : I really appreciate the way you dealt with…

Translation : Je suis très impressionné par votre façon de traiter…

Nice job on the presentation today, Paul

Definition : congratulations on today’s presentation, Paul ; today’s presentation was excellent, Paul.

Translation : Excellente présentation aujourd’hui, Paul

Thank you and keep up the good work

Definition : thanks and continue to work hard, thanks and keep it up.

Translation : Merci et continuez à faire du bon travail

I would like to compliment you on…

Definition : I want to commend you for…, I really must congratulate you on…

Translation : Je tiens à vous féliciter pour…

We just want to tell you how much we appreciate…

Definition : we would like to let you know how much we value…, we’d just like to say that we’re very pleased with…

Translation : Nous voudrions simplement vous dire à quel point nous estimons…

I must give you the credit for…

Definition : you can take real pride in…, I must congratulate you on…

Translation : Je dois vous attribuer le mérite pour…

You’ve done a magnificent job

Definition : you’ve done some excellent work.

Translation : Vous avez fait du très bon travail

We are very grateful for your dedication

Definition : thank you for being so committed to your work.

Translation : Nous vous remercions pour votre dévouement

Your input is vital in our success

Definition : your hard work is a key factor in the company’s achievements.

Translation : Vos efforts sont indispensables à notre réussite

You did very well to…

Definition : it was really good that you…

Translation : Vous avez bien fait de…

Good job, John !

Definition : well done, John ! great work, John !

Translation : Bon travail, John !

You are a real asset to our team

Definition : you are one or our greatest assets, you are an extremely valuable team member.

Translation : Vous êtes un véritable atout pour notre équipe

You handled that situation really well…

Definition : you dealt with that excellently, congratulations on the way you took care of that.

Translation : Vous avez très bien conduit cette affaire

You’ve made excellent progress

Definition : you’ve really got on well, you’ve made good headway.

Translation : Vous avez bien progressé

We couldn’t have done it without you

Definition : we wouldn’t have got through without you.

Translation : Nous ne nous en serions pas sortis sans vous

You make a significant contribution to the team

Definition : you are a very important team member, your contribution to the team cannot be denied.

Translation : Vous êtes un membre clé de l’équipe

Thanks for putting in these extra hours

Definition : thanks for working late, thanks for staying until the job was done.

Translation : Merci d’avoir fait ces heures sup

I appreciate your help

Definition : I am grateful for your support, I am thankful for your input.

Translation : J’apprécie votre aide

Above and beyond all expectations

Definition : exceeded what was expected, did more than anticipated.

Translation : Au-delà de toutes les attentes

Your analysis was right on

Definition : your breakdown was extremely accurate.

Translation : Votre analyse était exacte

A creative solution

Definition : an original idea, thinking outside the box.

Translation : Une idée originale

That got you a few good points

Definition : you earned some points today, you really stood out with.

Translation : Vous avez marqué des points

Les usages à respecter:

Praising is very important in Anglo-Saxon culture and must not be neglected in the professional field. The following points should be taken into consideration when giving praise :

• Criticize in private but praise in public.

• Do it often (don’t wait for a big success).

• Do it right away or as soon as possible after the event.

• Don’t use backhanded praise (mix praise and criticism).

• Smile when giving praise.

• Be specific.

Quelques règles de bon anglais:

Both… and… / Not only… but also…
Such structures are used when one wants to emphasize two positive elements in a sentence. Examples :
– Julie is both hard working and committed.
– You both devote yourself to your own job and help others on the way.
– Julie is not only positive, but also energetic.
– You not only anticipate possible issues, but also solve them on the way.

Thank you for…
When saying «thank you», we use the following structures : Thank you for + verb + ing / Thank you for your + noun. Examples :
– Thank you for being so committed / Thank you for your commitment.
– Thank you for suggesting that option / Thank you for your suggestion.


Use the expressions you have learnt in this lesson to fill in the missing word(s), then check the result below.

1. Well, we finally managed to get the sales brochure out in record time. Thank’s for ............ and without a word of complaint !

2. As you know, ............, so I’ve decided to implement your recommendations on the new equipment.

3. Time should be taken to ............ employees so as to give genuine and specific compliments in a friendly, yet professional manner.

4. The company’s outstanding achievements are a direct result of your efforts. ............ in our success.

5. That was a particularly difficult interview. I’m very impressed with........... the reporter’s probing questions about the rumors of the company’s take over

6. So, to round up this meeting in a few words: thank you and............ the good work.

7. Julie, I would like to ............ your professional approach in dealing with that aggressive customer.

8. Your attention to detail with the clients really helped to clinch the deal. We couldn’t ............

9. A lot of ground has been covered in a short space of time. You’ve made ............ with this new project.

10. The atmosphere and work environment just wouldn’t be the same without you as you ............. to the team.

11. We have all noticed your constant enthusiasm and we are very grateful ............ to the company. Everybody agrees that ............ to the team.

12. I must give you ............ our market predictions for the DOE project. Your analysis was .............

13. Congratulations ! Your work group has achieved the highest quality production ever in the whole factory. Their efforts and performance are really ............

14. By the way everybody, the credit can go to Peter for this suggestion, as it was his, and not mine. Thanks for ............, Peter.

15. Brian really put us on the spot with that strange request. I’m glad you were there, Dan. ............ that situation very well.

16. Thank you for all the energy and time you put into finalizing the tender for the construction of the new motorway, Tom. ............ to reach the submission deadline.


Solutions 1 : putting in the extra hours. 2 : I value your judgment. 3 : praise. 4 : Your input is vital. 5 : the way you handled. 6 : keep up. 7 : compliment you on. 8 : have done it without you. 9 : excellent progress. 10 : make a significant contribution. 11 : for your dedication / you are a real asset. 12 : the credit for / right on. 13 : above and beyond all expectations. 14 : coming up with that idea. 15 : You handled. 16 : Your efforts helped us

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