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Négocier avec un financier


Obtain financial backing (to)

Definition : to receive monetary support, to gain financial support. 

Translation : Obtenir un soutien financier 

Seek outside investors (to)

Definition : to look for financial backers outside the company. 

Translation : Rechercher des investisseurs externes 

Persuade a lender (to)

Definition : to convince someone or a company to loan money to you. 

Translation : Convaincre un prêteur 

It is worth investing

Definition : you should invest, there are significant benefits in investing. 

Translation : C’est un investissement intéressant 

Forward market / futures market

Definition : a market in which participants can buy and sell commodities and their future delivery contracts. 

Translation : Marché à terme 

Hostile takeover

Definition : acquiring control of a corporation against the wishes of the target company’s board of directors (opposite friendly takeover).

Translation : Offre hostile d’achat 

Accrue (to)

Definition : to increase, to accumulate. 

Translation : Courir / cumuler (en parlant d’intérêts) 


Definition : US currency held in banks outside the United States, commonly used for settling international transactions. 

Translation : Eurodollar 

Junk bond

Definition : a high risk, non investment grade bond, with a low credit rating. Usually has a high yield. 

Translation : Obligation pourrie 


Definition : a certificate representing one unit of ownership in a corporation, mutual fund or limited partnership.

Translation : Action 


Definition : a debt instrument issued for longer than one year with the purpose of raising capital by borrowing. 

Translation : Titre 

Preference share

Definition : preferred stock, capital stock which provides a specific fixed dividend that is paid before paying common stock holders. 

Translation : Action de priorité 

Private equity

Definition : securities of companies which are not listed on any public exchanges. 

Translation : Capitaux privés (société non cotée) 

Takeover bid (tob)

Definition : an offer to shareholders of a target company which says how much they are willing to pay to acquire the company.

Translation : Offre publique d’achat 


Definition : a collection of investments, all of which are owned by the same person or organization. 

Translation : Portefeuille 

Woo investors (to)

Definition : to try to attract investors, to seek to persuade investors. 

Translation : Attirer les investisseurs 

Venture capitalist

Definition : an investor which seeks opportunities in startup or in risky segments but with potentially very profitable ventures. 

Translation : Capital risqueur 

Hedge funds

Definition : to invest by taking an offsetting position in a security in order to reduce the risk of adverse price movements. 

Translation : Gestion alternative / fonds de couverture 

Market trend

Definition : the current general direction of movement for prices or rates, the general behavior of the stock market. 

Translation : Tendances du marché 


Definition : money lent by a bank or other that must be repaid with interest. 

Translation : Prêt 

Credit line or line of credit

Definition : an arrangement in which a bank extends a specific amount of unsecured credit to a borrower for a determined amount of time. 

Translation : Ligne de crédit 

Go belly up (slang) (to)

Definition : to fail, to end, to die. 

Translation : Faire faillite 


Definition : a licensed individual who is certified to act as an intermediary between a buyer and seller, usually charges a commission. 

Translation : Courtier 

Credit rating

Definition : a judgment made by a financial institution about how likely a person or business are to pay their debts. 

Translation : Degré de solvabilité 

Tax shelter

Definition : any technique which allows someone to legally reduce or avoid tax liabilities.

Translation : Niche fiscale 


• American investment advisors, brokers and brokerage firms must be registered. Consult the general public information before working with any of the above to ensure that they have not had problems with regulators or other investors.

• Most investors will require seeing your business plan before beginning serious discussions. A business plan should be an outline of your strategy for developing and growing your business and it should establish how you will measure success. Some will not want an entire business plan but will ask for an executive summary, which should not exceed two to three pages. 

• Since the events on September 11, 2001, the United States has strengthened rules and regulations on foreign investment. You should take these rules into consideration before investing or speak with a specialist in the domain.


This tense is used for regular events and to talk about habits, facts and short repeated actions.

Examples :

– I call my broker twice a day. – We have lunch with investors twice a month. 

Present Continuous

This tense is used for actions that are taking place or happening at the time of speaking. And also for present plans for the future. 

Examples : 

– The NASDAQ is decreasing.

– Mr. Smith is writing the report now. 

– Tomas is speaking with the broker (now). 

Exceptions : verbs of senses and feelings cannot generally be used in the continuous tense – like, love, hate, prefer, want, believe, know, understand, think, hear, see, look (have the appearance), taste (have a flavour), sound.


Fill in the missing word(s), then check the result below :

loaned, stockbroker, hostile takeover, shares, to obtain financial, market trend, junk bonds, accrue, to persuade a lender, outside investors, takeover bids, tax shelters, it is worth investing, woo, portfolio, went belly up, backing, forward market/ futures market 

1. Finance charges of twelve percent will ............ on the purchase from the beginning of the first unpaid bill.

2. While the stock market has had dramatic losses recently, the ............ still remains positive.

3. If you are willing to take an enormous risk for loss but with a chance for huge gains, you should consider ............

4. Since we have been in financial difficulty, we have received several ........... which is causing some concern among our employees who fear the company will be sold.

5. Acceptable ........... make use of legal loopholes or tax breaks which encourage certain types of economic behavior. Companies are generally looking to reduce the amount they pay in taxes.

6. As you can see, our company is very stable with a good margin of growth and little competition in our field, ............... in our company as we are convinced there will be significant returns.

7. In order to ............ investors, we have launched an important information campaign directed to key market players.

8. It is very important to have a diversified financial ............, so that all your eggs are not in one basket.

9. I’m not surprised that Jones Industry ............., they had no financial acumen, constant spending, no sales and no financial plan whatsoever.

10. Buyers can obtain protection against rising prices and sellers against declining prices by using the ...........

11. One method in a............. is a proxy fight, in which a buyer tries to convince shareholders to vote out current management or board of directors and replace them with one which will accept the sale.

12. By owning two hundred ............ of Smith Industries, it gives me the right to vote on important company matters, including the board of directors.

13. As a ..........., I manage investments for my clients, who are individuals and companies, my job is to get them the best return for their investment.

14. The bank .......... us six hundred thousand dollars over thirty years at a seven percent interest rate. 

15. One reason to seek .......... is to bring additional expertise as well as funding to your company.

16. In order ..........., we are required to submit a detailed business plan which outlines the detail of our current situation and future plans.

17. In this time of financial difficulty, it is quite complex ........... to make significant investment in our company.


SOLUTIONS : 1 : accrue. 2 : market trend. 3 : junk bonds. 4 : takeover bids. 5 : tax shelters. 6 : it is worth investing. 7 : woo. 8 : portfolio. 9 : went belly up. 10 : forward market/ fu- tures market. 11 : hostile takeover. 12 : shares. 13 : stockbroker. 14 : loaned. 15 : outside investors. 16 : to obtain financial backing. 17 : to persuade a lender.