Présenter son entreprise

Les mots clés et expressions:

Head office

Definition : headquarters, the main office.

Translation : Siège

Is located in

Definition : is established geographically in, is situated in.

Translation : Se situe à


Definition : a business or firm controlled by another via ownership of more than fifty percent of the voting stock.

Translation : Filiale

Parent company

Definition : the holding company, the owning company.

Translation : Maison mère

Main activity

Definition : the principal occupation, the main type of work in which the company is involved.

Translation : Activité principale

Production site

Definition : a plant, a factory, a place where goods are manufactured.

Translation : Centre de production

Product range

Definition : product line, selection of items.

Translation : Gamme de produits

Retail outlet (uk), store (us)

Definition : a shop, a place that sells goods made by a particular company.

Translation : Point de vente

Annual turnover

Definition : amount of business done by a company in a year, the amount of money earned in a year.

Translation : Chiffre d’affaires annuel


Definition : a financial gain, the difference between an initial outlay and the subsequent amount earned.

Translation : Bénéfice

Brand (name)

Definition : a particular make of goods, a specific name given to a product to identify it.

Translation : Marque


Definition : the registered design, name or logo used to identify a manufacturer’s goods and to prevent unauthorized use.

Translation : Marque déposée

Business premises

Definition : company offices.

Translation : Locaux de travail

Do business with (to)

Definition : to work with, to collaborate with.

Translation : Travailler avec

Our market share

Definition : our proportion of the market, our percentage of the market.

Translation : Notre part du marché

Be the market leader (to)

Definition : to be in first place on the market, to be number one.

Translation : Etre numéro 1 sur le marché


Definition : a provider, a source of provision, a person or a firm that provides something.

Translation : Fournisseur


Definition : a wholesale dealer, a company or person that sells in large quantities to another company or to a shop.

Translation : Grossiste


Definition : a person or a company that buys from or does business with a company.

Translation : Client


Definition : a rival company, a company in the same sort of business or trying to sell a similar product to the same market.

Translation : Concurrent


Definition : the total number of employees, all staff working for a specific company.

Translation : Nombre d’employés


Definition : field, sector, different subdivisions to describe a company’s areas of activity.

Translation : Secteur

Deal with (to)

Definition : to look after, to take care of, to see to.

Translation : S’occuper de

Be in charge of (to)

Definition : to be responsible for, to run, to oversee.

Translation : Gérer


Definition : parts, elements needed for production.

Translation : Pièces


Definition : well-fitted out, furnished with all necessary equipment.

Translation : Bien équipé


Definition : establi shed, initially created, launched.

Translation : Fondé

We hold ourselves to very high standards

Definition : we try to achieve an excellent level of satisfaction.

Translation: Nous cherchons l’excellence

Branch office

Definition : an office located somewhere other than the firm’s main location, a smaller establishment doing the same line of business as the main branch.

Translation : Succursale


Definition : all over the world, dispersed in different countries.

Translation : Mondial

Specialized in

Definition : concentrate on a particular product or service, skilled in a specific area of work.

Translation : Spécialisé dans 

Les usages à respecter:

• Often we use «us», «we» or «our» when referring to the company we work for ; this makes the company seem more personable.

• Avoid using internal company jargon and acronyms when relaying general company information to external listeners.

• Generally after presenting the main products, key figures and facts of a company, the presenter will also include information on charities supported, donations to research or environmental advances made thanks to the company 

Quelques règles de bon anglais:

The gerund form The gerund (verb + ing) is usually introduced by the folowing expressions.

1) «To be involved in».

Example :

– My company is involved in manufacturing and distributing plastic pumps.

2) «To include».

Example :

– Our main activities include buying raw materials and assembling the components.

3) To consist of / in.

Example :

– The company’s main task consists of / in producing high quality dispensing systems. The present simple and present passive They are the most suitable tenses to use when presenting general facts and information.

1) Present simple.

Examples :

– We have factories all over the world.

– We buy our raw materials from China.

– We produce glass bottles.

2) Present passive (to be + past participle).

Examples :

– The company is called Jones Manufacturing.

– It’s based in Houston, Texas.

– 5,000 people are employed in the company. 


Fill in the missing word(s), then check the result below :

business premises / wellequipped, market leader, do business with, retail outlets, head office / branch office, market share, in charge of, turnover / profit, trademark, workforce, production sites / world-wide, founded, parent company / subsidiary, division / brands, customer, competitors, wholesaler,components

1. Let’s start off with a bit of historical company background. Smith plc was ............ in 1901 by David Smith.

2. Tricon Restaurants, a famous company owning many types of modern restaurants, is the ............ of Pizza Hut. Kentucky Fried Chicken is another ............. in the group.

3. Nestlé Waters is the bottled water ............ of the Nestlé Group and has many famous ........... such as San Pellegrino, Contrex and Aquarel.

4. Our factories are implanted in many different countries. There are sixty-seven ............ producing billions of litres of bottled water ............

5. Our permanent ............ is about 10,000 people, but this can vary depending on fluctuating seasonal demand.

6. Our company is based in London where we have our ............, but we also have a ........... near Manchester where the marketing team works.

7. We have ............ in most large towns in Britain which are easily accessible for the general public.

8. Our biggest ........... is Elf, which buys 60% of our total production.

9. Virgin Airlines is one of British Airways main ........... as both companies are in the same line of business.

10. Last year our company’s ........... was £26 million with a ........... of £2 million.

11. Our ........... has recently increased to 40%, which is 5% more than our nearest competitor.

12. A company can easily be recognized as the producer of certain goods by stamping its .......... on them, and also using this in its advertising campaigns.

13. Regarding my own personal role in the company, I am ........... all aspects of the supply chain logistics.

14. Our main customer is Repsol, but we also ........... many other companies involved in oil exploration and production.

15. We consider ourselves lucky to occupy such modern and comfortable ..........., with a whole new layout of ........... open plan offices.

16. We have very little direct contact with the general public as we are a .......... and only sell to other companies and shops.

17. All .......... are thoroughly checked for quality issues before being assembled in the production area.

18. Being the .......... in our field means that our competitors often try to copy our techniques and strategies.


Solutions 1 : founded. 2 : parent company / subsidiary. 3 : division / brands. 4 : production sites / world-wide. 5 : workforce. 6 : head office / branch office. 7 : retail outlets. 8 : customer. 9 : competitors. 10 : turnover / profit. 11 : market share.12 : tra de mark. 13 : in charge of. 14 : do business with. 15 : business premises / wellequipped. 16 : wholesaler. 17 : components. 18 : market leader.

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