Mener un entretien d'évaluation ?

Les mots clés et expressions:

Annual appraisal

Definition : yearly assessment, employee evaluation.

Translation : Entretien annuel 

Mid-year review

Definition : semi-annual appraisal (twice yearly).

Translation : Evaluation semestrielle 

Career path

Definition : career steps ; a planned progression which leads, step by step, to career goals. 

Translation : Plan de carrière 

Key objectives

Definition : important goals, targets.

Translation : Objectifs clés 

Targets reached

Definition : goals achieved, objectives accomplished.

Translation : Objectifs atteints 

On target (to be)

Definition : within the objective, within the deadline, according to the original plan.

Translation : comme prévu, selon l’objectif, dans les délais. 


Definition : ability to do something well acquired through experience or training.

Translation : Compétences 

Technical expertise

Definition : area in which one is proficient and capable.

Translation : Compétence technique 

Key performance components

Definition : success factors, metrics which define performance.

Translation : Compétences clés du poste 

Performance standards

Definition : a management approved expression of the performance threshold that must be met to be appraised at a particular level of performance.

Translation : Normes de performance 


Definition : strong points, areas in which someone excels. 

Translation : Points forts 


Definition : limitations, weak areas, areas of improvement. 

Translation : Points faibles 

Meet expectations (to)

Definition : to achieve or meet standards. 

Translation : Répondre aux attentes 

Exceed expectations (to)

Definition : to surpass, to go beyond what is required. 

Translation : Dépasser les attentes 


Definition : reactions and comments to something used for development, an evaluative response.

Translation : Remarques 

Leadership skills

Definition : ability to lead, front position, guiding role.

Translation : Qualités de leader 


Definition : flexibility, ability to easily adjust.

Translation : Faculté d’adaptation 


Definition : in-dependence, ability to work alone and to take initiatives.

Translation : Autonomie 

Problem solving

Definition : ability to find solutions to dilemmas, predicaments or setbacks.

Translation : Capacité à résoudre les problèmes 

Communication skills

Definition : ability to convey ideas clearly. 

Translation : Sens de la communication / capacité d’expression 


Definition : originality, ingenuity, inventiveness, resourcefulness. 

Translation : Créativité 

Mission commitment

Definition : dedication to company ideology and functioning.

Translation : Engagement dans la mission 

People management

Definition : team management.

Translation : Gestion du personnel, des équipes 

Team player (to be a)

Definition : to have good interpersonal skills, to show ability to work well in a group.

Translation : Avoir l’esprit d’équipe 

National / international mobility

Definition : the ability to be relocated to another area within the company, either nationally or internationally.

Translation : Mobilité nationale / internationale 

Time management and prioritizing

Definition : the use of one’s time in order to be the most productive or to make the most of it and to rank what should be done in what order.

Translation : Gestion du temps et choix des priorités 

Self assessment

Definition : appraisal of one’s own performance or work. 

Translation : Autoévaluation 

360° feedback

Definition : a performance appraisal method that includes information from all around an employee including peers, subordinates, supervisors, etc.

Translation : Evaluation 360° 

Acquire (to)

Definition : needs to attain. to obtain, to gain, to get, to be given.

Translation : acquérir 

Les usages à respecter:

• Allow employee to speak first in order to avoid a de-fensive response to your comments.

• While it is not unlawful in the UK to include age or birthdates on an appraisal form, due to age discrimination laws, it is strongly discouraged to do so.

• Annual appraisals may be used as means to justify discri-mination (promotion refused, not having adequate training…), therefore they should be written carefully.

• In the UK and in the USA, companies are not obliged to perform annual assessments.

• The annual evaluation is a moment that is used to discuss salary as well as performance.

• An annual appraisal should not be taken lightly, it is an important meeting and both parties should be well dressed and prepared.

• A manager should meet regularly

with his employees between two annual appraisals, in order to be informed of any delays or difficulties that they might encounter in the accomplishment of their projects.

• Most annual appraisals are action oriented, specific and measurable.

Quelques règles de bon anglais:

However / nevertheless

These two adverbs can be used to link two ideas, one positive and one negative. 

Example :

– Helen is very good at giving presentations, however / nevertheless her written skills need to be improved.

Neither / nor These can be used to link two negative ideas. 

Example :

– Helen is neither a leader nor a team player.

In addition / furthermore These can be used to link two positive ideas. 

Example :

– Helen is good at giving presentations, furthermore her written skills are excellent.


Fill in the missing word(s), then check the result below :

360° feedback, leadership skills, adaptability, key performance components, career path, inter-national mobility, competences, a team player, creativity, strengths, appraisals, problem solving, exceed expectations, feedback, key objectives, meets expectations, autonomy, on target, weakness, self-assessment.

1. Ben has demonstrated his ............ by going from technical research to production without any difficulty.

2. Patrice has significant ............ in his daily work, he does not need management to guide him through the project.

3. Susan’s skills and performance will put her on a ............ to a higher management position within a short period of time.

4. Please provide a list of employee’s ............ Examples are : technical expertise, budget management, result oriented.

5. Monica’s ............ in the development of marketing tools is one of her ............, she is continually coming up with original and innovative ideas.

6. I believe that annual ............ are very important and can be used as a means of motivation.

7. Throughout last year, Stephane continued to ............, always going one extra step to ensure a quality service.

8. Employee ............ is essential in order to make sure that both sides are on the same page.

9. The ............ for 2008 were not met, therefore I suggest we set intermediate goals to help you achieve the larger ones.

10. It is important that the ............ are clearly stated so that the employee knows what criteria he or she will be evaluated on.

11. Emma has outstanding ............, her team follows her as a role model and execute her directives in a timely manner.

12. While Sean ............ in terms of technical expertise, I recom-mend that he attend a comprehensive training session in order to have an in-depth understanding of the component.

13. Very few of our employees have ........... Since Sylvain is interested in working in China, we will need to seize the opportunity and quickly decide who will replace him.

14. Alex is ........... for three projects ; however, he is late on two others, therefore he will receive a mixed review.

15. Kristin’s main .......... is her lack of .......... skills. When she is faced with a setback, she rarely finds solutions.

16. I met with Justin last week for his annual evaluation, it went very well as his .......... and my evaluation were coherent.

17. Jonathan is not ........., he consistently creates arguments within the group and criticizes everyone’s ideas.

18. The ......... method is a good idea as it takes into account information from various levels and provides an employee and a manager with an overall picture of performance. 


SOLUTIONS : 1 : adaptability. 2 : autonomy. 3 : career path. 4 : competences. 5 : creativity, strengths. 6 : appraisals. 7 : exceed expectations. 8 : feedback. 9 : key objectives. 10 : key performance components. 11 : leadership skills. 12 : meets expectations. 13 : inter-national mobility. 14 : on target. 15 : weakness, problem solving. 16 : self-assessment. 17 : a team player. 18 : 360° feedback.

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