Négocier une augmentation

Les mots clés et expressions:

Prove one’s worth (to)

Definition : to demonstrate one’s professional value and contribution to the company.

Translation : Démontrer sa valeur

Aim for a realistic amount (to)

Definition : to ask for a reasonable raise (US) or rise (UK).

Translation : Viser un montant réaliste

Grant a raise (to)

Definition : to give a pay raise, to agree to an increase in salary.

Translation : Accorder une augmentation

Offer other incentives (to)

Definition : to suggest perks or other non salary related benefits.

Translation : Proposer d’autres avantages

An annual pay review

Definition : a yearly meeting to discuss and perhaps increase salary (an increase outside of this scheduled meeting would be an increase out of cycle pay raise).

Translation : Une réévaluation annuelle du salaire

Announce a 4% pay increase across the board (to)

Definition : to state that all employees will benefit from a 4% pay rise.

Translation : Annoncer une augmentation générale de salaire de 4%

Reward one’s contributions (to)

Definition : to have one’s efforts compensated.

Translation : Récompenser ses efforts

Be overworked and underpaid (to)

Definition : to work too much and receive too little pay.

Translation : Etre exploité et sous-rémunéré

Have a back up plan (to)

Definition : to fall back on a second option if first one is refused.

Translation : Avoir un plan de secours

Use ultimatums and threats (to)

Definition : to have a back up plan

Translation : Employer des ultimatums et des menaces

Bargaining power /bargaining tools

Definition : something to leverage or use during negotiation to give you an advantage.

Translation : Instruments de négociation

Drop hints to test the water (to)

Definition : to suggest something indirectly to get prior feedback before acting.

Translation : Faire des allusions pour jauger la situation

Raise the issue of… (to)

Definition : to bring up the subject of, to talk about.

Translation : Soulever la question de…

I’ve made good progress

Definition : I’ve come a long way in the job, I’ve made significant growth in the job.

Translation : J’ai fait de gros progrès

I’ve taken on a lot more responsibility

Definition : I’m responsible for quite a few projects, I’ve handled a lot of extra tasks.

Translation : J’ai pris beaucoup plus de responsabilités

Is that really your best offer ?

Definition : Can you not do any better than that ?

Translation : Est-ce vraiment votre meilleure proposition ?

What’s your final offer ?

Definition : What’s your bottom line ?

Translation : Quelle est votre dernière proposition ?

To reach a compromise

Definition : to find some common ground, to obtain a mutual agreement.

Translation : Aboutir à un compromis

The request has been agreed, subject to the managing director’s approval

Definition : upon agreement of the Managing Director, the request has been granted.

Translation : La demande est accordée, sous réserve de l’approbation du directeur général

Please could you let me know when would be a convenient time for you ?

Definition : When would it suit you ? When is a good moment for you ?

Translation : Quand cela vous conviendrait' il ?

Should i put this request in writing ?

Definition : Would you like me to confirm this in a letter ?

Translation : Dois-je mettre cette demande par écrit ?

What’s the time frame for the next pay review ?

Definition : When is the next appraisal in which we can discuss salary ? When can we meet again to review the situation ?

Translation : Dans combien de temps les salaires seront-ils réévalués ?

It is in line with current pay levels for someone in my position

Definition : current market conditions show that someone in my position earns about the same, this is in keeping with the market rate.

Translation : Ceci est conforme aux salaires actuels du marché 

Les usages à respecter:

• Do not threaten to leave the company if you do not get a raise, this shows you are not committed to the company and do not deserve a raise.

• Be clear and concise. Let the numbers tell the story. Show how much you have saved or earned for the company.

• Before talking to your boss, learn what your company can afford, read earnings reports. If there have been layoffs and cutbacks, don’t expect much.

• Salary surveys are helpful but not a rule, keep regional differences in mind as well as qualifications, skills and educational background. 

Quelques règles de bon anglais:

Approximately, about, nearly and roughly

These adverbs are often used to modify measurements or quantities. «Approximately» is more formal and often used in written English. «Nearly» means «almost», whereas «roughly» or «about» could be «slightly more» or «slightly less».

Examples :

– I helped increase sales by approximately 7%.

– Joseph spends nearly 200 euros a month on shoes. Actually, in fact and well «Actually» and «in fact» can be used to contradict a previous statement.

Example :

– Our meeting was scheduled for Tuesday. Actually (in fact), it is now scheduled for Wednesday. «Actually» and «in fact» can be used to make something clearer or more precise.

Example :

– I understand you propose me a 2% raise. Actually (in fact), I would like a 5% raise. «Well» is used more often to indicate we are about to say something. It is also used to give the person speaking more time to think.

Example :

– How much do you want for a raise ? Well, I was thinking of 250 euros more per month. «Well» can also be used to introduce a statement which shows expectations have not been met.

Example :

– How was the meeting ? Well, I didn’t actually go. 


Fill in the missing word(s), then check the result below :

final, suit, rewarded, to aim for, proving one’s worth, the water / this issue, the board, schedule, good progress / a lot more responsibility, a compromise, the approval, granted, other incentives, back up, threats, current pay levels

1. When asking for a pay rise, it’s very important to find a good balance between ............ to the company without boasting about one’s achievements.

2. If you are a little hesitant about your boss’s reaction to such a request, then you can always drop a few hints to test ............ beforehand in order to judge whether or not it’s a good moment to raise ........... .

3. Subject to ............ of the Managing Director, the salary increase will be put in place as of the next fiscal year.

4. I’m really happy. The boss has finally ............ my pay raise request.

5. If a company is experiencing financial difficulties, then an employer could always offer ............ rather than a standard increase of money.

6. Additional perks or other benefits could be considered as a ............ plan if the initial salary request is doubtful.

7. Never use ultimatums and ............ to obtain an increase, as this could put your future at risk in the company.

8. I explained to my manager that earning 40 000 euros a year was not at all unreasonable and this amount is in line with ............. for someone in my position.

9. We’ve been beating around the bush for too long now. Let’s get straight to the point. What’s your............ offer ?

10. If you feel that I’m asking for too much, perhaps you can tell me how far you’re prepared to go and we can reach............ which will satisfy both parties?

11. I really feel that it’s time my efforts were ............ , after five years of service in the company.

12. I would really appreciate a moment in private with you to discuss my salary. When would it ............ you ?

13. Could we ............ a meeting at a convenient time to have a performance review in the not too distant future ?

14. Although I have only been with the company for three years now, I’ve made ............ in a short space of time and I’ve taken on ............, as you can see from my past performance appraisals.

15. In negotiation, it’s sometimes better ............ a 5% pay rise, when in fact one would really settle for a 3% increase.

16. I’ve decided not to go ahead with my individual request for a pay rise as the boss has just announced that there will be a 3% increase across ............ as of next January.


Solutions 1 : proving one’s worth. 2 : the water / this issue. 3 : the approval. 4 : granted. 5 : other incentives. 6 : back up. 7 : threats. 8 : current pay levels. 9 : final. 10 : a compromise. 11 : rewarded. 12 : suit. 13 : schedule. 14 : good progress / a lot more responsibility. 15 : to aim for. 16 : the board.

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