Préparer et passer un entretien de recrutement

Les mots clés et expressions:

Hire (to)

Definition : To employ, To engage.

Translation : Embaucher.

Fill the position (to)

Definition : to assume a job, to take up.

Translation : Prendre le poste

My current job

Definition : the job you are now working.

Translation : Mon poste actuel

The opening we have is for a finance manager

Definition : the job availa-ble is for a finance manager.

Translation : Le poste disponible est celui de responsable financier

Starting salary

Definition : beginning salary for a job.

Translation : Salaire de début

I currently gross x

Definition : the gross salary is the amount of money you earn before taxes.

Translation : Actuellement, je gagne X brut

Salary expectations

Definition : amount of money one would like to earn.

Translation : Salaire souhaité

Perks (short for “perquisites”)

Definition : employee benefits or incentives, additional advantages.

Translation : Avantages en nature

Give x weeks notice to my current employer (to)

Definition : to inform your current employer that you will be leaving at a given time.

Translation : Donner X semaines de préavis à mon employeur actuel

Where do you see yourself in five years ?

Definition : in five years what would you like to be doing ?

Translation : Où vous voyez-vous dans cinq ans ?

Tell me about the salary range you’re seeking

Definition : how much money do you want to earn ?

Translation : Quelle fourchette de salaire recherchez-vous ?

What are your strengths ? your weaknesses ?

Definition : what are you good at doing ? What are you not good at doing ?

Translation : Quels sont vos points forts ? Vos points faibles ?

Why are you applying for this job ?

Definition : for which reason are you applying for this position ?

Translation : Pourquoi postulez-vous à ce poste ?

What interests you about our product or service ?

Definition : why are you interested in our merchandise or service ?

Translation : Qu’est-ce qui vous intéresse dans nos produits ?

What qualifications have you that make you think that you will be successful in your field ?

Definition : what credentials have you which will lead you to be successful in your area ?

Translation : Quelles sont les qualifications qui peuvent vous faire réussir dans votre domaine ?

What personal characteristics are necessary to succeed in your field ?

Definition : what traits are necessary for a person to have to do well in your job ?

Translation : Quelles qualités sont nécessaires pour réussir dans votre domaine ?

What are your greatest accomplishments ?

Definition : would you tell me about something you have achieved ?

Translation : Quelles sont vos plus grandes réussites ?

How can you make a contribution to our organization ?

Definition : in what way can you help us ?

Translation : Que pouvez-vous apporter à notre entreprise ?

Why do you want to work for us ?

Definition : for which reason would you like to be hired by us ?

Translation : Pourquoi voulez-vous travailler pour nous ?

What do you know about our company ?

Definition : do you know anything about our company ?

Translation : Que savez-vous sur notre entreprise ? 

Les usages à respecter:

• Be 10 to 15 minutes early for the interview.

• Shake hands (a firm hand-shake is best) with the person who is interviewing you and do not sit down until you are asked to do so or until the interviewer sits down.

• It is illegal in the USA for an interviewer to ask you questions about your race, gender, marital status, age, disabilities, religion, ethnic background, country of origin or sexual preference.

• After an interview, send a thank you note or email, telling the interviewer thank you and that you are still interested in the job.

Quelques règles de bon anglais:

Present perfect :

This tense is used for actions that have started in the past but which have not finished. Use the present perfect to describe accomplishments you have made up to the present.

To form the present perfect :

• Positive : subject + to have (present tense) + past partici-ple. Example : I have always wanted to work in finance.

• Negative : subject + to have not + past participle. Example : I have not had the possibility for growth in my current job.

• Question : to have + subject + past participle. Exam-ple : How long have you been looking for a new job ? 


Fill in the missing word(s), then check the result below :

I am a good team player, What personal characteristics are necessary for success in your field ?, in my previous job I was, to give four weeks notice to my current employer, salary expectations, starting salary, my current job, What are your strengths ?, perks, applied, I have always wanted to work in this sector, The opening is for, How can you make a contribution to our organization ?, What are your greatest accomplishments ?, What do you know about our company ?, to hire

1. The ............ for an engineer in our company is forty thousand dollars.

2. I cannot begin working immediately, I need ............, therefore I would be able to begin in one month.

3. In............, I am IT manager and responsible for a team of five people.

4. ............ ? I am very organized, meticulous in my work and I thrive on challenges.

5. We would like ............ someone who can begin working in early March.

6. The salary is lower than the national average, however there are several ............ including a company car and a company beach house that is available for employee use.

7. I ............ for this position because I am very interested in working for the market leader in innovation !

8. I’ve spent the last ten years working in sales, I went back to school and now have a marketing degree. ............, and this is the reason I am currently looking for a new job.

9. I have a well rounded background, as you can see from my resume I have worked various jobs. Currently I am a sales manager and............ a human resources manager within the sales division of a large company.

10. ..........., however I can work autonomously or lead a team if necessary.

11. What are your........... ? I would like to gross around forty thousand dollars a year.

12. .......... ? I believe determination, follow through and communication are keys to success in this field.

13. .......... a systems analyst, however I see most of your experience is in coding. Why are you looking to change ?

14. ....................... ? I believe I can bring to your company a new international perspective as well as my fifteen years experience.

15. ...................... ? I was able to increase our profit margin by over 15% without having to lay off any employees and, in addition, during this time we won several awards for the quality of our product.

16. ...................... ? The company was created in 1967 by Joanne Banks and has since consistently grown to be the market leader in this field.


SOLUTIONS : 1 : starting salary. 2 : to give four weeks notice to my current employer. 3 : my current job. 4 : What are your strengths ? 5 : to hire. 6 : perks. 7 : applied. 8 : I have always wanted to work in this sector. 9 : in my previous job I was. 10 : I am a good team player. 11 : salary expectations. 12 : What personal characteristics are necessary for success in your field ? 13 : The opening is for. 14 : How can you make a contribution to our organization ? 15 : What are your greatest accomplishments ? 16 : What do you know about our company ?

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