Recruter un nouveau collaborateur ?

Les mots clés et expressions:

To hire (USA), to take on (UK)

Definition: to employ, to engage.

Translation: Embaucher

To fill the vacancy for…

Definition: to fill the open position of, to find somebody for an available post.

Translation: Remplir le poste vacant de…

To advertise a position

Definition: to put an advertisement for a post, to put a job advertisement (in the newspaper, on the internet).

Translation: Emettre une offre d’emploi 

Temping agency (UK), temp agency (USA)

Definition: a job agency, an organization which helps both jobseekers find a job and companies fill a vacant position.

Translation: Agence d’intérim

To sort the applicants

Definition: to rank the applicants, to filter through the possible candidates.

Translation: Trier les postulants

To make a shortlist

Definition: to make a pre-selection, to reduce the list of applicants into a smaller list of possible candidates.

Translation: Effectuer une présélection

To conduct a one to one interview or a board interview

Definition: to carry out an individual meeting or one where the applicant is being interviewed by several people at once.

Translation: Mener un entretien individuel ou en jury 

To use a recruitment agency

Definition: to outsource recruitment by using an agency, to employ the services of an external firm to subcontract recruitment.

Translation: Passer par un cabinet de recrutement

Job fair 

Definition: an employment trade show, a special fair for recruitment purposes.

Translation: Salon de l’emploi

Could you show us your previous work references ?

Definition: Please provide us with your employment references ; Can we seeyour references please ?

Translation: Pourriez-vous produire des attestations d’employeur ?

To assess a candidate

Definition: to make a judgement about a candidate, to form an opinion about a potential employee.

Translation: Evaluer un candidat 

He/she really fits the bill

Definition: This is the right candidate, this is the most suitable person for the job.

Translation: C’est vraiment la personne adéquate

To meet all requirements

Definition: to fulfil conditions, to satisfy needs, to fit all the necessary criteria.

Translation: Remplir toutes les conditions

Job offer

Definition: an employment proposition.

Translation: Offre d’emploi 

To be introduced to co-workers

Definition: to be presented to fellow workers, to be introduced to the other employees.

Translation: Etre présenté aux collègues

You’ll report to Mr. X

Definition: you’ll be under Mr. X’s responsibility, your direct line of authority will be with Mr. X.

Translation: Vous serez sous la responsabilité de M. X

I look forward to having you as part of our team

Definition: I look forward to working with you, I’m excited you are joining us.

Translation: Je suis impatient de vous avoir dans notre équipe

Employee handbook

Definition: a small book stating all company regulations and policies, a book given to all new employees to help them learn about the company.

Translation: Règlement intérieur

To use a headhunter

Definition: to pay a firm to headhunt for a specific position, to have an independent body look for a specific profile (usually senior positions and executive staff).

Translation : Engager un chasseur de têtes

Hiring process

Definition: recruitment process, stipulated procedure for hiring new staff.

Translation: Processus de recrutement

To check personal data and contact details

Definition: to confirm personal details for future contact with a candidate.

Translation: Confirmer les informations et coordonnées personnelles

Organization chart

Definition: a diagram showing the hierarchical organization within the company, a chart displaying the different lines of authority between a company’s major departments and

the employees.

Translation: Organigramme de la société 

I’m delighted to offer you the position of…

Definition: I’m very happy to propose you the job of…, I’d like to offer you the post of…

Translation : J’ai le grand plaisir de vous offrir le poste de… 

Les usages à respecter:

• «Embaucher» is translated in the USA as to hire, whereas to take on or to employ are more commonly used in the UK. In the UK, to hire is typically for a temporary contract only.

To engage is correct in both cultures but a bit old-fashioned.

• In the UK, it is typical to include two referees at the end of a CV. This is the name and contact details of persons who can give information about the applicant. (A referee is a

person, a reference is a written document.)

In the USA, references are usually only provided upon request.

• Applicant and candidate are sometimes confused. An applicant refers to anybody who applies for a job by writing a letter with a CV. A candidate is one of the original

applicants who has been chosen for an interview.

Quelques règles de bon anglais:

“To look forward to”

To look forward to + verb (ing) and to look forward to + noun are commonly used to express a positive feeling about an anticipated event in the future.

Examples :

– I look forward to receiving your reply.

– I look forward to our next meeting.

“To be in charge of” and “to be responsible for”

To be in charge of + noun and to be responsible for + verb (ing) are frequently used in job descriptions.

Examples :

– I am in charge of the Sales Department.

– You’ll be in charge of four people.

– You’ll be responsible for managing the Logistics section.

– He’s responsible for purchasing all office supplies.


Use the expressions you have learnt in this lesson

to fill in the missing word(s), then check the result below.

1. We can stop the interviews, we’ve just managed to fill ............ for the position of Health and Safety Director.

2. When firms are looking for new staff they can do it independently or they can choose to use ............, which will handle most of the process for the firm.

3. The Human Resources Department of most large companies usually establishes a contract with ............ to facilitate the hiring of both temporary and permanent employees.

4. In order to decide who to interview, we must first sort ............ in order of relevance and then make a shortlist.

5. Most firms have a specific ........... to follow when recruiting new staff including interviews with various members of management and aptitude tests for potential candidates.

6. For smooth integration purposes, a new employee should be immediately introduced to ............ so that he knows who he is working with and given ............ to

understand the rules and functioning of the company.

7. The company’s ............ should be explained to a new person so that he/she understands the different lines of authority in the firm.

8. If a potential candidate fails to meet ............, then the interviewer has to decide whether or not to pursue his/ her application.

9. I’ve just interviewed an excellent candidate for this position. She really fits............ Let’s draw up a.......... and send it off before somebody else snaps her up.

10. Companies can conduct a ............ interview or a board interview, depending on whether or not they feel confident enough ............ a candidate alone.

11. Some firms choose to use ........... when looking for a specific profile for an executive member of staff.

12. I’ve made my decision, Mr. Jones. I’m delighted to offer you ........... Purchasing Director with our company.

13. At the end of an interview, it’s important to .......... personal data and contact details in case the information on the candidate’s CV is no longer valid.

14. In this position, you’ll belong to the Accounts Department and you’ll .......... to Mr. Brown, the Head of Finance.

15. Two current methods used for recruiting are ........... on the internet, and to physically visit ........... in different cities.


SOLUTIONS : 1 : the vacancy. 2 : a recruitment agency. 3 : a temping agency. 4 : the applicants. 5 : hiring process. 6 : coworkers / an employee handbook. 7 : organization

chart. 8 : all requirements. 9 : the bill / job offer. 10 : one-to-one / to assess. 11 : a headhunter. 12 : the position of. 13 : check. 14 : report. 15 : to advertise a position / job


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