Lancer un produit à l’étranger

Les mots clés et expressions:

To launch 

Definition: to introduce, to initiate, to put onto the market for the first time.

Translation: Lancer

Market survey

Definition: market research, investigation into trends and consumer opinions.

Translation: Etude de marché

Market conditions

Definition: state of the market, market factors such as overall potential and competition.

Translation: Etat du marché

To make oneself known

Definition : to establish a reputation, to become recognised.

Translation: Se faire connaître

Selling point

Definition : special feature, specific trait making a product attractive to consumers.

Translation : Argument de vente 

Third party endorsement

Definition: backing from an independent body, having a neutral organization or entity give a testimonial on the product/service.

Translation : Appui d'un tiers

Distribution and marketing channels

Definition: ways of commercializing the product, methods of selling the goods.

Translation : Canaux de distribution

To apply for a patent

Definition : to take out a patent, to obtain a patent.

Translation : Déposer un brevet

Appealing packaging

Definition: attractive wrapping materials, eye-catching casing.

Translation : Emballage attrayant

Retail price

Definition: selling price, amount to be charged for the product.

Translation : Prix de détail

Going price

Definition: average price, accepted price for goods on the market.

Translation : Prix moyen

To tailor a product

Definition: to adapt an item to the consumer, to develop a product to suit the market.

Translation: Adapter un produit

Quality standards

Definition: criteria to judge quality, guidelines to ensure a correct level of quality.

Translation: Critères de qualité

Market share

Definition: market percentage, part of the market which a company controls

Translation: Part de Marché

Consumer tastes

Definition: market trends, current facts about what people like and don’t like.

Translation : Tendances de consommation

Domestic market

Definition: home market, trade within a particular country and not on a foreign level.

Translation: Marché intérieur

To outsource

Definition: to subcontract, to confide a service to a third-party company rather than to do it in-house.

Translation: Externaliser

To build a long term relationship

 Definition: to establish a solid relationship, to set up and maintain a good working rapport.

Translation: Construire une relation durable

Fine tuning

Definition: final adjustments, final developments and settings.

Translation: Derniers ajustements

To target a customer group

Definition: to aim at a specific range of customers, to attract a particular customer group as the objective.

Translation: Cibler une clientèle

Element of risk

Definition: risk factors, percentage of potential threats, proportion of possible dangers.

Translation: Facteur risque

Free samples

Definition: freebies, giveaways, free gifts as a tester.

Translation: Echantillons gratuits

Distribution centre

Definition: place to buy things,store (US), shop (UK).

Translation: Point de vente

Sourcing agent

Definition: an overseas agent, a person or company to help with access to foreign markets.

Translation: Agent commercial

Local customs and practices

Definition: established habits and behaviour on the spot, usual and  accepted ways of doing things in a particular country.

Translation: Coutumes et pratiques locales


Definition: a storage depot, a place where merchandise is stored after being made.

Translation: Dépôt

Supply chain

Definition: procurement line flow, logical step by step flow of a product.

Translation: Chaîne d’approvisionnement

Post sales service (UK) / Customer service (US)

Definition: customer support, a special service to help solve issues about products which have already been sold.

Translation : Service après-vente 

Foreign currency

Definition : money used in another country, notes and coins in use in the local country.

Translation : Devise étrangère, monnaie étrangère

Exchange rate

Definition: ratio of money in different countries, mathematical relationship between different currencies.

Translation : Taux de change

Les usages à respecter:

• A SWOT analysis is a commonly used tool in the UK to brainstorm all factors before making a decision. S=Strengths and W=Weaknesses represent the internal positive and

negative points respectively to be considered, whilst O=Opportunities and T=Threats represent the external positive and negative factors respectively.

• Information can be obtained from the Federation of International Trade Associations (FITA) and the Trade Information Centre (TIC) to find out information on international

trade laws.

• One should be careful with colors used and associated with a product. Colors mean different things in different cultures and countries.

• A locally enforceable arbitration clause is often added to a contract to avoid issues with any local court system.

• The well known UK motto «Best to be first» highlights the importance of being the innovating company to initiate a new product into a foreign market.

Quelques règles de bon anglais:

The second conditional

When hypothesizing or suggesting different options to de cide upon, the second conditional is often used in English.

Second con di tional = If + subject +verb in simple past, subject + would/could + verb infinitive.

Examples :

– If we hired a native speaker, we would solve all issues concerning the language barrier.

– If we stored the manufactured goods in a local warehouse, we would save on storage costs overseas.


Use the expressions you have learnt in this lesson to fill in the missing word(s), then check the result below:

1. Before launching a new product abroad, a ............ should be carried out in order to identify the population’s trends and opinions, more commonly known as ............

2. How much are we going to charge for the new perfume ? Well, the ............ for this sized bottle is between 50 and 60 Euros, so our ............ should remain in this bracket.

3. It’s essential to be aware of ............ in each country so as not to offend nor upset established traditions and habits.

4. We’ve decided to hire a ............ to help us become familiar with the market in Portugal.

5. As the ............ for luxury products such as ours is currently saturated, we’re trying to look for opportunities abroad.

6. We decided against going into Brazil as the threats outweighed the opportunities in our SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis and the ............

was too high.

7. The main reason to launch our product in the Asian market was due to our very low ............ in Europe.

8. When calculating prices in other countries, one must always remember to use the current ............ and to label goods in the ............

9. As storage costs are very high in London, why don’t we use our local............ and then export the necessary quantities on demand ?

10. If we want to maintain our scheduled launch date, then all stages and lead times in the ........... flow must be clearly communicated to everybody concerned.

11. Despite the fact that the perfume market is very competitive nowadays, we have a very strong ........... for this particular product : a scientifically proved longer lasting


12. When venturing into a new country, one good way ........... is to give away ........... and thus spread the word and allow consumers to test the product at the same time.

13. We’ve implanted three .......... for the time being which are strategically on the outskirts of big cities and near major ports, train stations and airports.

14. If export costs are so high, why don’t we try to .......... the whole manufacturing process and do it locally ?

15. To have the sole right to make, use or sell your product and to prevent others from imitating it, you need to ............


SOLUTIONS : 1 : market survey / consumer tastes. 2 : going price / retail price. 3 : local customs and practices. 4 : sourcing agent. 5 : domestic market. 6 : element of risk. 7 : market share.8 : exchange rate / foreign currency. 9 : warehouse. 10 : supply chain. 11 : selling point. 12 : to make oneself known / free samples. 13 : distribution centres. 14 : outsource. 15 : apply for a patent

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