Manager une équipe à distance ?

Les mots clés et expressions:

Virtual Team

Definition : A remote team, a team distributed across multiple locations, a group of people who don't share a common location at the same time

Translation : Equipe virtuelle

Project manager

Definition : The team leader, e.g the e-leader, the person who exercises leadership through electronic means

Translation : Chef de projet

Manage performance from a distance (to)

Definition : To oversee team efforts from afar, to control team input without being in the same place

Translation : Gérer les efforts à distance

Be in synch with the rest of the team (to)

Definition : To be in keeping with the other colleagues

Translation : Travailler en Harmonie

Give employee wide decision-making powers (to)

Definition : To attribute the right to the employees to be able to make a large number of decisions, to empower employees to make important decisions

Translation : Accorder de larges pouvoir

Be autonomous (to)

Definition : To be able to work independently, to be capable of working on one's own

Translation : Travailler de manière autonome

Fix a one on one time to each team member (to)

Definition : To arrange a private slot for each individual on a regular basis

Translation : Travailler de manière autonome

Establish communication protocols (to)

Definition : to set up communication guidelines (commication is not correct)

Translation : Etablir des protocoles de communication

Set norms and performance criteria (to)

Definition : to establish a code of conduct, to create a set of rules which stipulate the best way to work

Translation : Créer une charte des meilleures pratiques

Have progress updates posted on the intranet (to)

Definition : to put current progress reports on the intranet, to keep everybody informed of project status via the Intranet

Translation : Publier les comptes rendus des projets sur l'intranet

Have weekly conference call (to)

Definition : To set up a conference call on a weekly basis, to hold a conference call every week

Translation : Tenir une conférence téléphonique hebdomadaire

Review project status and goals (to)

Definition : To check on project development and objectives, to see exactly where things stand in project development

Translation : Faire le point sur les tâches et les objectifs

Coordinate assignments (to)

Definition : To organize specific tasks at the right time and with the right people, to delegate jobs to the right people to fit un with the overall time schedule

Translation : Coordonner les missions

Schedule a date in one's diary (to)

Definition : To reserve a date in one's schedule, to plan in advance a specific event at a specific time in the future

Translation : Fixer une date dans son agenda

Check one's diary (to)

Definition : To have a look at one's schedule, to consult one's diary

Translation : Vérifier son agenda

Update (to)

Definition : To keep someone informed of the latest changes or developments, to give someone the most recent news

Translation : Mettre à jour


Definition : a debriefing, a detailed account, minutes from a meeting.

Translation : Compte rendu

Send a memo to all employee (to)

Definition : To give all emplyees the same information, to remind all employees about something at the same time.

Translation : Envoyer un mémorandum global

Business card

Definition : a company card, a small card with all the essential contact details of the company you represent

Translation : Carte de visite

Work on-line (to)

Definition : To perform one's business on the computer via email and the internet

Translation : Travailler en ligne

Laptop computer

Definition : A portable computer, that can easily be carried from one place to another

Translation : Ordinateur portable

Mobile phone

Definition : A cellular phone, a portable telephone

Translation : Téléphone portable

Team meeting

Definition : A get together with the other members of the team, an opportunity to be with the other colleagues for work purposes.

Translation : Conseil d'équipe

Les usages à respecter:

• The British are very respectful towards dates and times set for appointments. If something unexpected occurs to delay your arrival, you should call to inform those concerned and apologize immediately upon arrival.

• Remember the time difference between the various coun triesand respect local time when trying to contact employees.

• If you are setting up a phone conference, always indicate the time in local time as well as your time zone. 

• Always mention the international dialing code if you expect someone to call you. • In the UK, it’s common practice for a secretary to sign on behalf of her boss by signing her name after the letters «p.p.», and then writing the boss’s name underneath. This abbreviation comes from the expression «per procurationem », meaning on behalf of.

Quelques règles de bon anglais:

Remember and remind When telling someone not to forget to do something, we can use «remember» or «remind», according to the context. 

Examples :

• Remember to send in your weekly reports by Friday (the team leader is speaking directly to the rest of the team). 

• Can you please remind all team members to finish their end of year sales figures by the end of next week (the boss asks the secretary to do it).


Fill in the missing word(s), then check the result below :

report, laptop, a distance, virtual teams, business card, schedule, mobile phone, my diary, in synch, assignments, a memo, a team spirit, a team / review, update me, conference call.

1. Due to modern trends of globalisation and outsourcing, managers are now having to face the challenge of managing ............ , rather than managing staff in the same geographical location. 

2. Supervisors must be able to manage performance from ............ , because they don’t have regular face to face contact with the team members. 

3. Nowadays, one can work from almost anywhere in the world and still be able to continue with one’s business and consult one’s electronic mail via one’s ............ computer. 

4. Here’s my ............. Please don’t hesitate to contact me on either of these numbers, or send me an email to the address written here. 

5. If you can’t get hold of me at the office number, then please try my ............ If I’m not available, you can leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

6. When forming part of a virtual team, it’s essential to be ............ with the rest of the team in order to maintain a harmonious working relationship. 

7. The Project Manager wants to have ............ meeting next month in order to ........... project status and goals. 

8. I’ll have to check ............ to make sure I haven’t already arranged any other business trips at the same time. 

9. Let’s have a quick coffee and you can ........... on the new project, so I know more or less what’s going on. 

10. I’m meeting my team leader at 2 p.m. to give him a full ............. of my recent trip to Singapore. 

11. The team leader must follow very closely what each team member is doing and when, so that he can coordinate .......... effectively to fit in with the overall work schedule.

12. Could you please send ........... to all employees to remind them to send in their end of year sales figures by Friday ? 

13. We really must .......... a date in our diaries for the next monthly meeting as soon as possible before we all get booked up with other commitments. 

14. I have decided to have a weekly .......... with all team members every Friday morning at 10 a.m. in an attempt to improve communication within the team.

15. When dealing with virtual team members, it’s essential to try to bridge cultural distances and to set up methods and exercises to build .......... , so that all individuals have a real sense of belonging despite their physical isolation.


SOLUTIONS : 1 : virtual teams. 2 : a distance. 3 : laptop. 4 : business card. 5 : mobile phone. 6 : in synch. 7 : a team / review. 8 : my diary. 9 : update me. 10 : report. 11 : assignments. 12 : a memo. 13 : schedule. 14 : conference call. 15 : a team spirit. 

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