Préparer un salon professionnel ?

Les mots clés et expressions:

Trade fair, trade show

Definition : an organized exposition so that companies within a specific sector can demonstrate their new products and/or services. 

Translation : Salon professionnel 


Definition : a person who provides an exhibit for display. 

Translation : Exposant 

Exhibit (to)

Definition : to show, to put on display, to present. 

Translation : Exposer 

Booth (usa), stand (uk)

Definition : a stall, an area of exhibit space used to show or promote a product or service. 

Translation : Stand 

Buy or rent advertising space (to)

Definition : to purchase a space that will be used for publicity or advertisement. 

Translation : Réserver un emplacement publicitaire 

Canvass prospective customers or clients (to)

Definition : to seek out new customers. 

Translation : Prospecter des clients 


Definition : a brief seminar or meeting for a small group of people that focuses on techniques or skills in a specific sector. 

Translation : Atelier 

Exhibit directory

Definition : on-site program, a floor plan, a guide which lists exhibitors and exhibit locations. 

Translation : Annuaire des exposants 

Opening (or closing) ceremony

Definition : the official beginning (or ending) of an event. 

Translation : Cérémonie d’ouverture (ou de clôture) 

Rental booth

Definition : hiring of exhibition furniture. 

Translation : Location de mobilier d’exposition 


Definition : the people who visit, who are not exhibiting themselves. 

Translation : Visiteurs 

Show producer

Definition : the person responsible for the trade show. He or she leases the facility, hires contractors and promotes the show. 

Translation : Commissaire 

Floor or show manager

Definition : an individual who works for the trade show and is responsible for the exhibition area. 

Translation : Chargé de clientèle, responsable des stands 

Space rate

Definition : the cost of an unfurnished exhibit area. 

Translation : Prix du stand nu 

Aisle signs

Definition : indicators which inform of the name of the walkway. 

Translation : Panneau d’affichage 

Welcome desk

Definition : information desk, specific booth in which attendees can ask for general information, obtain exhibit directories, etc. 

Translation : Banque d’accueil 

Press (or media) kit

Definition : a package of materials for the media ; usually a folder containing press releases, product announcements, etc. 

Translation : Dossier de presse 


Definition : a raffle ; prizes are given to one or more people who sign up, winners are chosen at random. 

Translation : Tirage au sort 


Definition : a game in which the winner receives a prize. 

Translation : Concours (jeu) 


Definition : a pamphlet, a booklet which contains detailed information about a company, product or service. 

Translation : Plaquette 


Definition : a flier, a printed document usually folded that contains information about a product or service. 

Translation : Prospectus 

Giveaways : promotional items (example: pens, bags, etc.)

Definition : given for free to attendees in order to promote your company name.

Translation : Objets publicitaires 

Invite key peo ple to the grand opening (to)

Definition : to ask important people to come to the opening ceremony. 

Translation : Inviter des personnalités pour l’inauguration 

Contest ballot

Definition : a form to fill in which enters your name as a contestant.

Translation : Bulletin de participation 

Les usages à respecter:

• Most trade shows are either public or trade, which means open only to professionals within a specific sector. 

• Many companies will hire professionals to work at the booth. A script and information must be given to these professionals so that they will be competent to represent your company.

• Contests and giveaways are often used as a marketing tool to generate traffic to the booth. 

• Some trade shows have preshow attendee lists. Make sure you ask the show producer for this list in order for you to do pre-show advertisement. 

• If the convention center allows, free food at your stand is another tactic that works well to increase the number of visitors to your booth. 

• Trade shows have very specific rules, make sure you ask the show producer for these rules prior to signing the contract. 

• When reserving a booth in the USA, remember that measurements will be in inches and feet. 

• Watch out for scammers, people who place large orders at trade shows and never pay the bill. Before shipping, check with other wholesales to verify if the company has a history of paying on time. 

• Be prepared to sell your product. You should have all the materials (order forms, shipping prices, shipping dates, taxes, etc.) ready. It will be seen as unprofessional if you tell the client you will email them the information after the trade show.

Quelques règles de bon anglais:


When promoting your product or service, the superlative is often used.

There are different ways to form the superlative : 

• If the adjective has one syllable : the adjective + est. 

Example : cheap/cheapest.

• If the adjective has two syllables and ends in y : replace the y by iest. Example : pretty/ prettiest. 

• If the adjective has two syllables and ends in er, le, ow : the adjective + est. Example : gentle/gentlest. 

• If the adjective has more than two syllables : the most + adjective.

Example : the most expensive. A few adjectives are irregular : good/best, bad/worst, little/ least, far/furthest, many/most.

Certain adjectives exist only in superlative form : first, last..


Fill in the missing word(s), then check the result below :

floor manager, drawing/contest ballot, giveaways, trade shows, exhibitors, to exhibit, media kit, space rate, booth, exhibit directory, to canvass prospective customers, a workshop, show producer, opening ceremony, rental booth, welcome desk, aisle signs, .

1. There are many ............ each year, it is key to choose the right one, that will give us a maximum of contacts.

2. There will be twenty-five ............ in our sector at the trade fair, therefore it is essential that we differentiate ourselves.

3. It is very important ............ our new product as well as our core products at the trade show next month.

4. The sooner the ............ is reserved, the better, since the company will be able to get a strategic location.

5. As sales manager, it will be my role ............, while the marketing team will work on attracting the press.

6. At the trade fair, I attended ............ that explained techniques on how to market our products via the internet.

7. It is important that our booth be listed correctly in the ............ so that clients can find us easily.

8. The trade fair was an enormous success due in part to the ............ which created a lot of press coverage that led to more attendees than usual.

9. Since the trade show is in California, it will be cheaper for us to use a ............, rather than shipping one from France.

10. The first day of the trade fair was dedicated to the press, our marketing team had created a ............ that was innovative and interesting to the reporters.

11. The ............ did an excellent job of promoting the trade show and making sure that everything ran smoothly.

12. Since it was the first time we participated in this trade fair, we were able to negotiate a lower .............

13. Our Sales Manager convinced the woman at the ............ to hand out fliers which directed clients to our booth.

14. The ............ clearly marked each walkway in the convention center, therefore it was simple for attendees to locate different stands.

15. The marketing team created tote bag ............ that were distributed every morning of the trade show, which gave us a lot of free advertising during the trade fare.

16. A ............ was an effective way to get contact information from potential customers as they had to fill in a ............which included name, phone number and e-mail address.

17. When I arrived to set up our booth, I was shocked to see that we did not have any chairs, I immediately found the ............ who found chairs for our stand.


SOLUTIONS : 1 : trade shows. 2 : exhibitors. 3 : to exhibit. 4 : booth. 5 : to canvass prospective customers. 6 : a workshop. 7 : exhibit directory. 8 : opening ceremony. 9 : rental booth. 10 : media kit. 11 : show producer. 12 : space rate. 13 : welcome desk. 14 : aisle signs. 15 : giveaways. 16 : drawing/contest ballot. 17 : floor manager.

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