Recadrer un collaborateur ?

Les mots clés et expressions:

Reprimand (to)

Definition : To blame someone officially, to rebuke, to admonish. 

Translation : Réprimander 


Definition : in-depth analysis and judgement of something, critical appraisal. 

Translation : Critique 


Definition : failure to obey a direct order or undermine management's authority through abuse or disobedience

Translation : Insubordination 

Slack off (to)

Definition : To work less than usual or customary, to make less effort

Translation : Se relâcher dans ton travail

Disciplinary action

Definition : An act which sanctions or punishes an employee

Translation : Mesures disciplinaire

Written warning

Definition : An official company document which describes a certain type of inappropriate behavior or act

Translation : Avertissement écrit

You should focus more on your own york rather than on other people's work

Definition : You need to concentrate on your own work an mind your own business

Translation : Vous devriez vous concentrer sur votre travail plutôt que sur celui des autres

You need to redefine your priorities

Definition : you should look again at what is and is not important.

Translation : Vous devriez revoir vos priorités

Your performance is lacking in many areas

Definition : your work is not up to standard in several areas.

Translation : Votre travail présente des faiblesses dans plusieurs domaines

Appropriate conduct

Definition : right behavior, correct manner, professional behavior

Translation : Comportement approprié

Shape up (informal) (to)

Definition : to get back in line to start following the rules

Translation : Se reprendre

Open/attentive interlocutor

Definition : the person to whom you are talking listens carefully to your opinion and what you have to say.

Translation : Interlocuteur réceptif 

Listen attentively (to)

Definition : to pay attention to someone or something, to listen closely, to concentrate.

Translation : Etre attentif 

Make available(to)

Definition : to provide, to supply

Translation : Mettre à la disposition 

Unsuitable arrangements

Definition : actions which were planned are inadequate, insufficient or not enough.

Translation : Dispositions inadaptées 

Broach a subject (to)

Definition : to bring up, to addres, to tackle, to start talking about a topic.

Translation : Aborder un sujet 

Daily follow up

Definition : to follow the progress of someone or something, to monitor, to have an eye on what is being done, to keep track of.

Translation : Suivi quotidien 


Definition : mistake, error, faux pas, slip up.

Translation : Dérapage 

Mind one's emotions(to)

Definition : to be wary of one's feelings.

Translation : Se méfier de ses émotions 

Make a commitment to (to)

Definition : to undertake to do.

Translation : Prendre l'engagement de 

Put some pressure on (to)

Definition : to persuade someone to do something by using necessity or intellectual means, to turn up the heat, to drive.

Translation : Mettre la pression sur 

Threaten disciplinary action (to)

Definition : to warm that punitive or corrective actions might take place.

Translation : Menacer de sanctions 

Remind someone of the company policy (to)

Definition : to repeat the internal guidelines of how one should behave, the rules and regulations which govern behavior within a company.

Translation : Rappeler les règles 

Leave it to human resources (to)

Definition : the Personnel Department will deal with it/

Translation : S'en remettre axu ressources humaines 

In public

Definition : publicly, openly, overly, observable by others.

Translation : En public 

Solve the problem( to)

Definition : to fix, to find a solution.

Translation : Régler le problème 

Not repeat the same mistake (to)

Definition : to not do something wrong again.

Translation : Ne pas reproduire la même erreur 

Give support to one-s colleague(to)

Definition : to help.

Translation : Accompagner son collaborateur 

Criticize oneself (to)

Definition : to see oneself from an objective point of view.

Translation : Faire son autocritique 

Look for solutions(to)

Definition : to find a way to resilve the issue, to solve a problem.

Translation : Rechercher des solutions 

Adhere to internal rules(to)

Definition : to follow company rules

Translation : Respecter les consignes internes 

Unprofessional attitude

Definition : when someone's behavior is not business like or when his approach is inappropriate.

Translation : Attitude non professionnelle 

Frequent tardiness or absenteeism

Definition : when someone is often late to work or repeatedly does not work at all.

Translation : Retards / absentéismes 

Les usages à respecter:

• Most formal criticisms of an employee will be dealt with in the annual appraisal. However, continious feedback (both positive and negative) is expected so that the employee knows where he stands.

• Criticism should always be specific, cite examples and clearly explain what should have occurred in place of what the employee actually did. Criticism should always be expressed in private.

• It is also important to point out when an employee does something correctly. Usually stating at least one positive for one negative helps to ease the tension when dealing with errant employees.

Quelques règles de bon anglais:

• Different uses of 'rather'

- Rather than : shows preference of one thing over another. 

Example : 

She talks to her friens on the telephone all day rather than doing her work.

- Rather (adverb) : to a degree, meaning quite; more than a little and less than very. 

Example : 

He is rather tall.

- Rather linked with posiive words; means unusually or unexpectedly. 

Example : 

I was rather pleased to be invited to the meeting.

- Rather (adverb) : more exactly, more accurately. 

Example : 

Peter will present the budget on Wednesday or rather, he will if his boss asks him to do so.


Fill in the missing word(s), then check the result below :

written warning, disciplinary action, insubordination, focus more on your own work, to redefine, appropriate conduct, to shape up, made available, unsuitable, daily follow up, broaching a subject, blunder, to mind his emotions, to make a commitment, to leave it, slacking off.

1. After reprimanding George six times for his tardiness, it was time to give him a .........

2. Gerard stole a significant amount of office supplies as well as a computer ; his boss took ........ and suspended him from work for three weeks

3. Sophie's continual refusals to do assigned tasks and other ......... finally got her demoted

4. Jonathan was always looking over my shoulder and giving me snide comments. I finally said to him : Ypu should ........ rather than on other people's work

5. It was quite amazing, Megan could always find the least important task and work on that first. Her boss has tols her several times that she needs ........ her priorities, but she doesn't seem to get it.

6. I expect you to be on time to work, attentive to the customers, well dressed, to have a professional attitude and overall ..........

7. I probably should not have been so lough on Stephan, but I finally had enough of him, and told him ......

8. Due to all the complaints, I have ........ an IT hotline for all the employees, so now there is no excuse for them to tell me they could'nt do anything about the problem.

9. My assistant was supposed to take care of all of the meeting details, such as reserving the room, providing refreshments; etc/ Unfortunately when I saw what she had done, I realised how ......... these arrangements were

10. Marc, one of your main weaknesses is that I have to do ........ with you, you are not an independent worker and often get behind on projects if I am n ot on your back about them constanly. 

11. The problem with Debbie is that she beats around the bush for fifteen minutes before finaly ....... She would be more efficient if she got to the point straight away

12. I am quite understanding when someone makes a ........., what I cannot accept is when a person continues to make the same mistake over and over.

13. Didier is quite hotheaded and sensitive, he needs ....... espacially when in meetings with management

14. Alice I am asking you ........ to improve your efficiency and to deliver your projects on schedule

15. The sales manager was unsure how to deal with Cecile's insubordination, so he decided ........ to Human Resources to handle the situation

16. Ever since Charlie got back from vacation, he has been ......... He comes in late every day, leaves early and seems as if he hardly does any work. 


SOLUTIONS : 1 : written warning, 2 : disciplinary action, 3 : insubordination, 4 : focus more on your own work, 5 : to redefine, 6 : appropriate conduct, 7 : to shape up, 8 : made available, 9 : unsuitable, 10 : daily follow up, 11 : broaching a subject, 12 : blunder, 13 : to mind his emotions, 14 : to make a commitment, 15 : to leave it, 16 : slacking off.

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